Sow: green sauce

Happy July 4th and happy post-Canada Day! It’s the time for celebration! Fireworks!* Parties! Eating!

Remember when you were a kid and the summer was the fun time of year when you could do whatever you wanted to do. Every. Single. Day. Eating ice cream and watermelon (spitting the seeds when your mom wasn’t looking). Riding your bike. Swimming from dawn to dusk. Staying up late. Running around and playing outside.

Even though this grown up is mostly enjoying this summer in the over air conditioned comfort of a concrete and glass box, I’m trying to make the most of the sunshine and fun that comes with the season. Like right now: I’m sitting at the patio table (yes, we get wifi outside!), enjoying the sounds of summer (leaf blowers and birds chirping), admiring the jungly Urban Farm and watching the Gs lounge about.

It’s been fun seeing old pals (right, Helen, Christine, Fred and Chris?), meeting new ones (that’s you, Cam, Jon, and Louie), enjoying an amazing harvest on almost a daily basis, enjoying long walks with Bruce and the Gs, exploring new parts of Dallas, and yes, enjoying tasty treats. Luckily for us, lots of yummy stuff is coming directly from the Urban Farm.


the first tomatillos with their husks still on. in the supermarket the husks are usually pretty dried out and more brown. they are also $2.99/lb at our local Albertsons.

One of those treats has to do with my tomatillo experimentation. I’ve harvested about 1 1/2 pounds of tomatillos  so far with more to come (so about $4.50 worth if you’re shopping at Albertsons). I planted them so I could make jars of homemade salsa verde (literal translation is “green sauce”.)

I’ve never really made it before—or knew how bountiful the plants could be. Usually I just pick up a jar at the grocery story.

When we got the latest issue of Bon Appetit, Bruce mentioned that he saw a simple recipe for salsa verde on one of the first pages of the issue. With almost all the required ingredients, I decided to give it a whirl, literally, as you’ll see in just a moment.

So we had tomatillos, onions, and cilantro leftover from a recipe (it’s too hot for it to grow here right now, it’s a fall/winter/spring herb). And lots of peppers.


lots of peppers

But we didn’t have Serrano chiles. We have poblanos, jalapeños, and bell peppers. I picked jalapeños as my Serrano replacement, but I guess any spicy pepper would do.


the recipe inspiration — thanks, Bruce!


ready for a whirl in the Nutribullet

It was pretty easy to husk and quarter the tomatillos. I peeled and quartered the onion. Threw the cilantro in there too. And I was careful with the jalapeño since sometimes they have a big unexpected bite. I didn’t really bother to chop anything up much because Bruce’s magical green drink blender was going to do all the hard work.


the finished product: a big jar of salsa verde in mere seconds!

If you make it, grab some tortilla chips and a bunch of friends and plow through it—this is good stuff. We also like it as a sauce on white fish (excellent on cod for example). It’s good on eggs, tacos, grilled meat, perhaps you’ll want to try it on some  veggies or as a quick alternative potato salad dressing. I made it last weekend and  we still have about 1/2 jar left but I bet it’s gone by Sunday. Let me know if you try making it. My next version will be roasting the tomatillos first because I like the smoky char taste.

Today’s gratuitous dog photo of the day is our 4th of July boy George:

George and his trout

George and his trout (there may also be a tennis ball in his mouth)


* Despite my love of fireworks, they’re not allowed at the Mortroski Midcentury. Our sweet Georgie is ours as a result of a fireworks accident. Read more about his story here and here. Please keep your 4-legged pals safely inside tonight if you’re located in the U.S.of A.


So: stay-cation day 7


Happy 4th of July! It’s America’s Birthday and the Gs started it out with a photo op. And a nice walk, although the normal Texas temperatures are creeping back up.

Poor Gs. They are so exhausted. It’s hard work having humans around 24-7. Guinness only likes it because walks are longer on week days. Godiva is enjoying more outside time — sleeping in the sun is one of her favorite things. And then there’s George.


July 4 is the reason we have George. The theory of the rescue group that saved him is fireworks or gunshots (yes, people shoot off guns on July 4 in Texas) caused him to get spooked and try to jump a chain link fence. He caught his leg on it and opened it knee to groin. And so he has been dubbed a fireworks dog.

He is passed out on the cold tile by our front door. George has had a big day of chasing Godiva around the yard, destroying stuffed toys (thanks Tracy!), following his humans around, and snuggling with Guinness. And me apparently, although I don’t recall this photo being taken:


The tv is on, we’re watching Independence Day celebrations from Philadelphia (good music), and none of us can hear fireworks, gunshots or other loud noises like several neighbors’ parties. Replacement windows are great for 1960s houses and not just for energy consumption!

The humans in the house had a good day of organization and getting stuff done. We decided that we’d do a major reorg of our kitchen during this break so we finally tackled it. Looks good and now that we have the cabinets in the dining room, we could put lots of stuff away in a better way.

While I tackled some financial organization, Bruce continued work on the office. We have wifi again (yay!) and the desk area is done:


Tomorrow we’ll be doing the full gray wall paint job in the office including texturing the walls where the wainscoting once was. Wish us luck!