So: mostly photos

I’m on another business trip and I’m kind of wound up, although I really should be sleeping. Rather than toss and turn, I’m going to post a photos until I start to feel tired.

Gidget the foster pup has been making herself right at home. She’s got the 3Gs twisted around her paw, especially George who is going to lose his extra 10 pounds (he likes to eat the other Gs food when no one’s looking)  pretty quick. Gidget’s got him enrolled in puppy boot camp and giving him quite a work out with toys, wrestling, and lots of chasing around the house and yard. He’s quite smitten.

Gidget also shares George’s love of dirt and also thinks that the raised beds are great places to lie in. This weekend, the twine visual deterrents are going back in since I’m planting bok choi, carrots, radishes and other seeds. Hopefully it works as well on Gidget as it did on George in the spring.

Gidget likes the garden a little too much

Gidget likes the garden a little too much (notice how tall the okra has gotten—it’s a crazy plant)

The bush beans are sprouting, that is, unless Gidget and George have flattened them all while I’ve been gone:

bush bean seedling

bush bean seedling

The fall tomatoes are progressing nicely too:

fall indigo rose tomato plant is already growing tomatoes

fall indigo rose tomato plant is already growing tomatoes. Time to fertilize.

And then there are more gratuitous dog photos for your visual enjoyment

Guinness looking handsome

Guinness looking handsome (photo by Bruce)


Godiva and Gidget napping (photo by Bruce)

Gidget looking cute

Gidget looking cute (photo by Bruce). Doesn’t she look like Petey, the dog in Our Gang/Little Rascals? Love her black and white face.

Say aw and I’ll say ‘night, y’all!


Sow: picture this

I’m in Atlanta and can’t sleep so I figure I’ll share some photos I took this morning (well, yesterday morning):


You may remember my winter lettuce experiment with a washtub on wheels (a good one if you want lettuce in winter in North Texas). Salad greens are not supposed to grow in North Texas in summer. Those are arugula and mâché seedlings. Looks like they’re growing so far–I planted them last Thursday.


The Malabar spinach is also doing its thing as promised. I’m helping it along by guiding the tendrils towards the trellises. Looks pretty so far and apparently it could cover the trellises if I let it.


The orange bell peppers are finally ready. The first two were picked this morning and there are more to come. They looked delicious. I had already packed our lunches but they would have been lovely in today’s salad.


Apparently the Urban Farm is a very romantic place these days. Anyone know what these amorous insects are?


Somehow I missed picking this okra pod and now look at it. Those are full sized garden scissors. I fear it will not be very tasty but I’m going to see if stewing will work.


Check out my new gardening shirt from my coworker pal Deb (thanks, Deb!) She and her husband have the best BBQ restaurant in Myrtle Beach, SC. No joke! Its URL is!


My pals Christy and Brad (and fellow urban farmers) got me this cool rack for my birthday–Bruce put it up during the break. (Thank you, C & B!)


Of course, what would a post be without a gratuitous dog photo?

And with that, I bid you all a good night.