So: relaxation challenged

Apparently I do not know how to relax. I prefer to think of it as living life to its fullest. I like to stay busy. I like to get things done. I like a good to-do list.

But perhaps I have overdone it this weekend. After all of my “relaxation” this weekend I am sore, tired and a bit grumpy. I’ve played in the dirt, cooked, prepped, done chores galore, and now I’m ready for rest. Well, a good night’s sleep. Lots of sleep. Only one problem: It’s not even 9 pm!

Maybe that’s my body’s way of forcing me to relax. Or maybe I only have two settings: on and off.

I can confirm that none of the Gs have trouble relaxing. George is snoring softly while I write this and Guinness is “breathing heavy.” Godiva and Gidget are snoozing on their dog beds.

So before I fall asleep writing this, here’s the gratuitous dog photo of the day:


Let sleeping dogs lie!


So: pancakes and pedicures

Too wet to garden. What’s a gal to do on a long weekend Sunday?

I slept in. Of course I went to bed at 1 since we had dinner guests (humans and 4 extra canines of a variety of ages and sizes) so it really wasn’t sleeping in exactly, it just felt like it.

Several large cups of coffee and a bit of NYTimes online. Then there were multigrain pancakes, a human and G favorite on long lazy Sundays.


And now bliss o bliss: a much needed pedicure. The place I’m at has fancy massaging chairs so I’m taking full advantage and getting the works done. Extra massage, parafin, hot stones. It’s a lovely, extra indulgent treat on a gloomy and wet morning. And due to a scheduling mix up, my service was delayed by 30 minutes so they threw in manicure too. Whoohoo!

Not sure what treats the rest of today will bring with our uncertain weather, except a bit of dark chocolate and perhaps some wine on the patio if it’s not too humid or damp. In any case, I’ll be sporting fancy feet.

What are you doing to relax and treat yourself today?