So: lacking super powers

This week the Gs have all been a bit off. Exhausted. As cranky as happy go lucky dogs can be.

Me too. I’ve been severely lacking in super powers this week. Work, usually the place where I could spend hours, drains me in eight hours. On Tuesday, in an internal meeting, I could barely be articulate about one of my clients that I’ve worked on for more than five years.

So I haven’t been writing much outside the office. And I haven’t really done much in the evenings when I get home. Or in the mornings before work as I usually do. Taking a long weekend off has brought me to a grinding halt. Not much gardening (tonight it was too wet after today’s storms). I’ve been resting. Going to bed early. Taking the easy way out when it comes to meals, chores, attire, everything. Believe me, the dog hair tumbleweeds on the floors are getting bigger by the day. If I sweep them together, I might get another Guinness.

But tomorrow’s Friday.

At work we have something called summer hours which means if you’ve worked 40 hours by noon on Friday, you can leave. Because I was off on Monday, I don’t qualify. Even still, Friday’s my favorite day of the week in summer because everyone leaves early. It is blissfully quiet and the phone doesn’t ring. No meetings after 11 am. Everyone is nose to the grindstone all morning long so they can get out and start the weekend a little early. If you need me, I’ll be at my desk all day and when I leave at 5:30 or 6 pm, I’ll ensure my to do list for Monday is a lot smaller.

George may come to work with me tomorrow. We have a dog-friendly office and well-behaved dogs are allowed to visit. Godiva started visiting when she was a freshly potty trained pup. Guinness has been too, although neither of them have really enjoyed visiting once they became a pair. Godiva freaked out when Guinness had his heartworm treatments (thought he wasn’t coming back, we think) and when he had his TPLO surgery (same thing). But George hasn’t really visited yet and Guinness and Godiva don’t mind as much when he leaves (ah, the puppy). I’ll see what he thinks in the morning.

Right now, he’s pretty wiped out.

It's also really hard to type with George in your lap. He likes to put his chin on the mouse. Photo by Bruce

It’s really hard to type with George in your lap. He likes to put his chin on the mouse. Photo by Bruce