Sew: 1970s

I’ve been sort of sewing tonight. Tomorrow night, Bruce and I will be helping the rescue group that saved George raise money for their veterinary clinic devoted to serving the rescue community.

Mazie’s Mission was founded by veterinarian Dr. Erin Schults to bring a self-sustaining, focused approach to animal welfare with the purpose of eliminating unnecessary euthanasia. They provide medical care, expert forensic evidence and adoption assistance to shelters, rescue groups, first responders and other non-profit animal welfare groups. The ultimate goal of Mazie’s Mission will be to establish a world class hospital and lifetime sanctuary for the care of those animals that cannot find a home.

It’s an all volunteer organization, with all proceeds going directly toward animal care. And they are amazing people with a sense of fun despite their important work.

Their annual BARC (build a rescue clinic) Gala is a 1970s themed disco party where everyone dresses up and dances to all the awesome music by Donna Summer, the Bee Gees, Village People, ABBA, you get the idea.

This is a night when we are all resplendent in polyester. Bruce will have big hair.

But first, I had to prevent possible wardrobe malfunctions tonight. While my dress fits, I didn’t like how the buttons were not closing securely (and I thought there was the potential for opening while I’d be flailing around on the dance floor).

Here’s the dress:

Pretty, isn’t it?

Here’s what I did to reinforce it and prevent accidental flashing:

It’s kind of like sewing when you use all those safety pins.

I tried a number of pinning techniques and this is the best for the desired result. I can dance the night away and be able to attend next year’s gala without being the chick with the dress that fell apart.

I considered sewing it, but it is a real vintage dress. I didn’t want to wreck it since I love the pattern:


My shoes are somewhat authentic in term of being a nod to the 1970s, although they are from last summer:

I never wore this style the first time around (parents didn’t let me wear heels in elementary school) so it’s definitely fun to wear these wedges.

Tomorrow it’s unlikely that I’ll have time to write a full post. But I will post photos!